Robotics: An interdisciplinary branch of engineering and science, which comprises different streams of engineering such as mechanical engineering, electrical, computer science, and other fields, is called as robotics. The robotics stream uses robots in different operations, which include design, construction, operation, and in computer systems.


Brief about Robotics: Robotics has become a common term today owing to its endless and limitless usage. It finds significance in any situation and for all kinds of purpose in industries. Its efficiency even in tough conditions makes it a significant part in today’s business operations.


Why robotics for today’s world: In present era, we all have a strong dependency on robot development for lot many applications. Looking at the rising needs, Klever Klues has come up with many projects, both in Engineering and Ccommercial domains, in robotics segment to ensure the demand-supply cycle remains balanced.


By imparting robotic training to thousands of students in Middle and High School, we have trained many students in robotics stream so that they can trudge a successful career path. We have been imparting a strong training to them to ensure they do well in their career while attaining new heights.


A few highlights of our workshop include Introduction of drones, which is completely an activity-based process for Engineers.


The other highlight of the workshop includes building the frame, Mounting Motors and Speed Controllers, which enfance students’ skills in all areas so that they can compete in any National or International Competition.

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